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Los Alamos Church of Christ is a diverse group of Christ followers who believe we are at our best inside a community. A community that supports, encourages and challenges one another. A community that values each person as a member of the priesthood, especially the least of these. We like to remind each other that "the kids own the kingdom"!  We glorify Him in our weaknesses, like our 1960's era building and mauve carpet.

Join us in 2019 for our sermon series... The New Covenant!

Schedule of Services                                               
    Sunday Classes                9:00am                          
    Sunday Coffee/Snacks    10:00am                             
    Sunday Worship              10:30am                            
    Wednesday Meal             5:30pm                              
    Wednesday Classes          6:15pm

Los Alamos Church of Christ
2323 Diamond Drive
Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544
(505) 663-7755

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